MBA Degree

UNT Dallas MBA Concentrations

At UNT Dallas, we offer three concentrations with our affordable MBA degree program:

  • Strategic Management MBA – The UNT Dallas MBA Strategic Management concentration provides you with the ability to articulate a clear vision and strategy for an organization.  This MBA concentration allows you to apply that ability to small businesses, large businesses, or anything in between.
  • Accounting MBA – Our MBA Accounting concentration provides needed additional coursework for graduates with accounting degrees who want to qualify for the Certified Public Accountancy exam.
  • Human Resources MBA – Our MBA Human Resources concentration provides the fulfillment of a passion for understanding people’s roles in business. Driven by the same award-winning principles as our Human Resources bachelor degree program, it provides all the opportunities for success needed.

Excellence in Business and Leadership

The UNT Dallas Master of Business Administration program not only provides a high-quality business education, but also challenges you to see the world in a more connected manner. This 30-semester hour, affordable MBA degree program prepares you to master the modern business world, enrich your environment, and to enjoy your chosen field more fully. In the MBA program, you will learn leadership skills, managerial acumen, sound financial and accounting strategies, and interpersonal expertise. There are many ways the MBA program at UNT Dallas can help you prepare for tomorrow’s business world.

Why Choose the UNT Dallas MBA Program

Our cohort-style MBA courses offer you the opportunity to learn with a team and the flexibility to cater the MBA degree program to your schedule. Online leveling courses with on-site faculty members help you get up to speed as quickly and effectively as possible. To make the most of your time in our MBA program, most graduate degree courses are offered in a hybrid format, providing the best of both the online and on-campus styles. Many students work in a professional capacity while pursuing an MBA on a part-time basis, while others pursue the degree in our business school as full-time graduate students.

Our business school’s experienced and renowned faculty have a passion to provide the best Master’s of Business Administration education in the region. We focus on transforming businesses in the South Dallas area and beyond, and we consult with businesses on issues critical to their success. Our MBA program is offered by the most passionate faculty at the most affordable tuition in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Details of the MBA Program

The UNT Dallas School of Business is committed to both excellence in business and excellence in leadership. Our service learning program insures that every graduate of the MBA program has proven experience. We know that hard work is the most important part to success in business, but that knowledge, practice and guidance are also critical to making the most of that success. To that end, we emphasize the following areas in all our graduate school classes:

  • Researching the latest strategies and business principles that guide modern industries
  • Professional responsibility both on and off the job
  • Continual improvement through training and self-discovery

All of our MBA students develop in each of these areas, allowing you to be much more valuable to employers and colleagues. We understand that the education process is more than just obtaining a piece of paper as an MBA, and we strive to impart both knowledge and the skills to acquire more knowledge in every business school class and with every new concept.

Benefits of Earning an MBA from UNT Dallas

Joining the UNT Dallas MBA program offers a world of benefits:

  • Developing contacts with colleagues
  • Practicing a professional presence and bearing
  • Training from award-winning business school faculty
  • Novel approaches to business and strategy
  • Expertise learned from faculty holding the highest certifications