General Business

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UNT Dallas General Business Bachelor’s Degree Program

Study business in the heart of Dallas in the area’s most affordable four-year university. The location of the University of North Texas at Dallas, so close to the business district downtown, gives you access to hands-on experiential learning opportunities for a strong base to build your career in business and create your professional network. Our faculty of well-respected experts in their fields are accessible and teach practical business experiences and functions such as accounting, finance, marketing, leadership and information technology.

For more information:

Dr. Daniel Friesen, Assistant Dean, 972-338-1805

What is a degree in General Business?

A degree in general business provides the skills that can transfer into a wide variety of careers in business. Hiring in business is primarily focused on new college graduates for long-term talent development as organizational leaders. Skill sets include application of knowledge to solve business problems, decision making, quantitative analysis, communication and strategic management.

Why study business at UNT Dallas?

UNT Dallas is the most affordable, accredited four-year university in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as the most diverse campus community and faculty. The business degree program is very friendly to transfer students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Reverse transfer of credit is also possible, dependent upon your previous institution. Students are encouraged to leverage skills achieved in their associate degree program to pursue jobs with growth opportunities. UNT Dallas provides many advantages for students who are business majors, including strengthening your leadership and communication skills, a wide variety of career development programs and events on our Dallas campus, and access to expert faculty who bring their research and experience to the classroom to teach and advise you.

How likely am I to get a job after graduation with a degree in general business from UNT Dallas?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of business professionals will be strong in the coming years. Job growth projections vary from industry to industry, but the projections for business, management and financial occupations remains steady, according to the BLS.

What are the career options with a UNT Dallas general business degree?

  • Business operations manager
  • Insurance and real estate
  • General manager
  • Retail manager
  • Management consulting
  • State and local government
  • Compliance manager
  • Sales
  • Entrepreneur
  • Small business owner
  • Business analyst
  • Office manager
  • Administrative assistant

Success Strategies

  • Prepare to start in entry-level management trainee positions. Demonstrate initiative and leadership to get promoted.
  • Gain experience through internships or summer and part-time jobs.
  • Get involved in student organizations and assume leadership roles.
  • Demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit, a strong work ethic, integrity, and a sense of independence.
  • Take courses in a secondary specialty such as marketing or information systems to increase job opportunities.
  • Consider earning an MBA or other related graduate degree after gaining work experience to reach the highest levels of business management.
  • Learn to communicate effectively with a wide range of people. Take additional courses in interpersonal communication and public speaking.
  • Some positions in sales, such as pharmaceuticals, require at least one to two years of a proven record in outside sales. Be prepared to start in a different industry before getting a job in pharmaceuticals.
  • Take courses in the social sciences such as psychology and sociology.
  • Learn about various fields of business through research on internet sites and books, informational interviews of professionals, and exposure to work environments through shadowing, volunteering, or interning.
  • Learn to work well in a team environment.