Dealership Management Certificate

Dealership Management Certificate

Do you love fast cars, powerful tractors or sleek motorcycles? Turn your passion for all things automotive into a lucrative career with a certificate from UNT Dallas in dealership management. This specialized curriculum will train you to thrive in the unique environment that is today’s automotive dealerships, with a certification program from UNT Dallas, the most affordable university in Dallas. Students in the auto dealership management program get a highly-valuable education with practical skills for success when they enter the workforce.

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Dr. Cathy Scott, Assistant Professor of Business Accounting

Thrive in Modern Car Dealership Management

In the U.S., car dealerships employ more than a million people. A modern auto dealership is a sophisticated business in an industry with an appetite for talented, success-oriented people with real training in managing a dealership. The UNT Dallas auto dealership management certificate provides full-time students and working professionals an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of successful dealership management operations and the principles of auto retailing.

This is NOT automotive repair. More than horsepower and towing capacity, this program provides an in-depth exploration of the management, marketing and legal/compliance challenges encountered by managers in a major segment of the U.S. economy. The program complements a general business degree, and can open robust career opportunities for graduates.

This program is also available as a stand-alone certificate for working professionals currently working in the automotive/dealership industry looking to advance their careers.

Jobs and Career Opportunities in Dealership Management

  • New Vehicle Sales Manager
  • Used Vehicle Sales Manager
  • General Sales Manager
  • Finance & Insurance Manager
  • Service Department Manager
  • Body Shop Manager
  • Director, Fixed or Variable Operations
  • Dealership General Manager
  • Automotive Manufacturer Field Sales or Service Manager

Course Listings (21 semester credit hours required)

  • Introduction to the Global Auto Industry (3 Credits)

This course explores the role of vehicle dealerships as retail networks that connect manufacturers with consumers. Key concepts include “franchise” relationships, location selection, facility planning, financial requirements, sales forecasting, customer retention and societal impacts.

  • Dealership Variable Operations (3 Credits)*

How are cars marketed to savvy consumers? Discover ways to connect consumers with the vehicles they want to own. Course topics include: evaluation of advertising channels, customer relationship management, training and employee retention, pay plan development, inventory control and remarketing.
*Prerequisite: Introduction to the Global Auto Industry

  • Dealership Fixed Operations (3 Credits)*

Fixed Operations in the modern dealership includes the Parts, Mechanical Service and Collision Repair departments. When well executed, they drive customer retention and positive cash flow. Course topics include: customer relationship management, employee selection and retention, and operational management.
*Prerequisite: Introduction to the Global Auto Industry

  • Finance and Insurance/Regulatory and Compliance Issues (3 Credits)

An introduction to major federal regulations that affect the automotive retail, consumer finance and other consumer-oriented businesses. This course provides an opportunity to earn a nationally-recognized certificate from the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals. Course material/testing lab fee required.
*Prerequisite: Dealership Variable Operations and Dealership Fixed Operations

  • Dealership Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis (3 Credits)*

This is not the usual accounting or finance course. It is designed for non-accountants planning to work as managers in dealerships, financial institutions or with automotive manufacturers. Emphasis involves the use of financial information and analysis of financial statements.
*Prerequisite: Finance and Insurance/Regulatory and Compliance Issues

  • Internship (3 Credits)​​​